Interleaf LQ Application and Knowledgebase

The Library Queries application is a database application, developed by Interleaf, which is aimed Research and Reference departments, but also Library and Information Services , which allows the staff to record details of library enquiries and research tasks.

Interleaf Library Query is a knowledgebase system enabling staff to keep an online, easily accessible record of all of queries received together with the response provided.

NEW for Special libraries – LQ Version 2.0 is a release of the LQ application specifically for Special Libraries to aid their research queries and provides excellent statistics and metrics to support the activities of the research team. LQ can also manage tasks and alert users for overdue tasks.


To date, libraries queries are received via email, phone, post or in person and are followed up and responded to using the same method. There is no existing online knowledgebase system for libraries to keep records. This means that responses are not accessible by other staff and very often, researching a response can be quite time consuming. It also means that should the same question be asked again of a different staff member or in a different branch, they would have to restart the process.


With Interleaf LQ, queries are still received by the library staff via email, phone, post or in person. Now, these questions are added to the Interleaf LQ knowledgebase together with the corresponding answer. A search facility provides easy retrieval should the question arise in the future, saving enormous amounts of time.

It is a straightforward way of storing and retrieving frequently asked questions and their answers. The online facility will cut down on the amount of time library staff spend researching questions and improve customer service by being able to provide answers to common questions immediately.

All queries can be searched by a number of keyword indexes for instant retrieval.

The LQ Dashboard shows queries per staff member. Queries can be reassigned, given priority, marked as complete.

LQ is fully customisable by the library to include their own Categories,  Departments, Types of Enquiry etc.

A full set of reports is available by:

  • Category
  • Department
  • Position
  • Time Spent
  • Type of Enquiry

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