In keeping with the model of Open Source software being a little lighter than the competition, but being agile, nippy and perfectly tailored for its function, we have named the whole-service package we are offering “Scooter”.

There are now over 90 libraries using Scooter in Ireland today.

Scooter is more than just a Library Management System.

A Subscription To Scooter Brings You:

  • State of the art software to manage your school library
  • State of the art software to manage your school book rental scheme
  • A connection to a database created by librarians for speedy creation of your local collection to professional standards without having to be a librarian yourself
  • Cover images of the books display automatically
  • Easy import of records from ePortal/VSWARE/Compass
  • Sophisticated statistics and comparative analysis across the consortium
  • Currently 44 custom reports, and growing.
  • Students can review and tag titles on-line
  • Implementation support and training by a professional librarian
  • Access to a technical support desk staffed by industry experts
  • A community of users
  • There are now over 90 libraries using Scooter in Ireland today.
  • Scooter is more than just a Library Management System.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise
  • A secure hosted system managed by us
  • A single annual fee for all these services

A Subscription To Scooter Avoids:

  • Having to purchase additional hardware and other resources to hold the system locally
  • Having to manage system backups, upgrades etc
  • Having to understand anything about the underlying technology of the system (unless you want to!)

We are using the Koha Library Management System as the base of the service we are offering. Koha is a stable system implemented in thousands of libraries around the world.

We have added a number of features to it to provide for specific requirements we have identified in the Irish Schools market, and expect that they will also be of general interest to the wider library community.

Open Source technologies offer an immediate opportunity to save costs: unlike proprietary software, there is no initial licence cost – the software is owned by the community of users, so it cannot be sold to anyone.  The costs below are for services not for the actual software.

A key design philosophy of Scooter is that of creating a community of users. There is access to a high-quality, professionally produced, database of catalogue records for schools to use to create their local catalogue. This is to ensure that non-librarians will be able to maintain a professional database with all the required information in it without having to become a cataloguer. Also, Scooter is designed so that non-book resources (websites, electronic files etc) can be catalogued and accessed.

Scooter is only available as a hosted offering in a secure data centre. Access is through a secure https:// link. This is the same technology as banks use for internet transactions, so is completely secure and all traffic to and from the site is encrypted. This will greatly simplify support and management of the system as there will only be one infrastructure to support. It also removes any responsibility from the school for supplying and managing servers to run their library system.

Schools will need to be willing to store minimal personal data in a secure, but offsite, database. This will be very restricted data (ID, Name, gender, class, year group, loan category, library code, email). We are confident that there is no data protection risk by doing this, but the school’s policy may prohibit this activity.

We have also implemented a statistics gathering process in Scooter. This will allow us to generate reports for individual borrowers (useful for monitoring academic progress) but also to look at activity by class group, year group, by date and time, analyse most popular titles, and also compare the schools’ numbers against the aggregate numbers for the consortium. As this database grows we are sure that many imaginative uses of the statistics will be developed by our users.

To control costs, and ensure there are no surprises, we are offering Scooter for a simple annual fee per calendar year. The charge is pro-rated if a school subscribes after January in any year.

Obviously, there will be some additional costs (training, barcode scanner, barcodes, possible conversion from another system…) in the first year.

For a school automating from scratch, we can have you up and running in three hours.

For more information, contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your school

Additional Services

Building your database is a time consuming task. All items need to be handled and processed to get them ready for the shelf. We can provide a database build service for you where one of our team will come on-site and create the database for you. We can provide a custom quote for you based on your collection size and contents. (For example older books without an ISBN take longer to process.)

If you already have a library management system in your school and are looking for a more efficient and cost effective alternative, we  can transfer your existing database into Scooter.

These are school-specific tasks, so contact us for a quote.

Book Rental

You can also use Scooter to automate your Book Rental scheme. As a Book Rental scheme is essentially lending items with long loan periods to students, it is a natural fit to a library management system. There are no additional costs to automate your Book Rental scheme through Scooter.

Book Covers

When preparing to run a school library your bookstock will be the largest expenditure item. It is vitally important that the books are properly covered to ensure that their lifespan is maximised. We recommend Rhino Book Covers from Ryco as the most robust on the market. Like Interleaf Technology, Ryco are a wholly owned Irish company.