eCommerce Server – Fine Payment and Credit Card Processing

EnvisionWare eCommerce Services is a suite of modules that provide fine query and payment, and online account revalue.  Use cash, credit cards, online deposit, credit and LMS deposit accounts.  Integrate an array of cash options at self service fine payment kiosks.

As with all EnvisionWare solutions, staff experts provide guidance and recommendations for seamless integration of the system as well as tips to learn more about PCI compliance.  The EnvisionWare system is a GLOBAL solution that supports multiple processing choices and over thirty acquirers (merchant processors.)

  • Over 30 Acquirers/Merchant Processors in North America, APAC and Europe
  • 4 Implementations including local processor or cloud-based card clearing
  • Balloon or Itemized Fines (varies by LMS platform)
  • Multiple fee structures
  • Web, Kiosk or Both
  • SSL encryption
  • Pay fines and/or deposit money into an account using a card
  • Use cash, cards (including stored value cards), Blackboard campus cards, deposit funds, and link directly to an LMS deposit account*
  • Link to any SIP2-enabled LMS that supports fine payment.  Some systems support extensions for itemized fine management
  • Use the API to link the payment system directly to your existing web site/LMS account page.