Explorit Everywhere for Libraries

“The Tools We Use To Do Research Determine Our Success.” – Bill Gates

Today, libraries serve to connect people to information, whether on shelves or in digital content. Unfortunately, many uninformed researchers begin their search on Google. But Google falls short of delivering the best, most relevant, most authoritative information because Google only searches public databases. Libraries, on the other hand, have access to rich subscription content and so should be the definitive start place in a researcher’s quest for knowledge. Explorit Everywhere! can help.

3 Facts about your Library and Google.

  1. 94% of your students look to Google first for research.
  2. Your online subscriptions are being underutilized.
  3. Discovery services have failed to solve your problems

Explorit Everywhere! provides a single search box to access all of your subscriptions, digital catalog and public resources. Search is simple, as is finding relevant results. And the Explorit Everywhere! search box can be placed in multiple places, on multiple devices, for any researcher with access – Try Our Demo.

Mednar, our medical demo, is a single search of over 60 free medical resources. Imagine your subscription and public resources along with your catalog included in a single search like this!