SIP2Surf is an easily deployed Wi-Fi solution for your library.

Users can be authenticated against your Library Management System via SIP2. The solution can also accommodate guest users who can be authenticated via mobile phone. Or the library can print guest passes with pre-configured session lengths.

Fully configurable solution. The library can define their own rules, session duration, timeout intervals and customise the landing page. Staff can assign user roles to authenticated and unauthenticated users and move users between roles.

Sip2Surf now supports the Patron API from Innovative enabling extensive user validation rules.

Sip2Surf is delivered with a full reporting suite with individual branch statistics or group statistics combining all branches in a library authority.

The system can be extended to include website logging and content filtering.

SIP2Surf is delivered as a fully packaged product, simple to implement and easy to administer.

SIP2Surf can match the library opening hours limiting availability to library open times.

SIP2Surf conforms to EU directive 2006/24/EC concerning data retention.

Conforms to Digital Economy Act 2010 regarding retention of user IDs in relation to breach of copyright.

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