Management of Internet PCs

All of the library authorities in the country offer usage of Internet PCs to members of the public. There are a wide variety of implementations around the country and Interleaf have experience of working with all of them. Some of the local authorities have implemented fixed PCs and other have installed various thin client solutions.

Interleaf have taken over the management of some of these Internet networks around the country. With many I.T. departments under pressure from lack of resources, outsourcing the management of the Public networks might be a consideration for you.

Interleaf also provide PC Reservation, Print Management and Wi-Fi in most of the library branches nationwide and are familiar with how libraries operate and of course know all of the personalities involved.

Our Microsoft certified engineers work with the library to plan and agree the applications and services that should be offered on each PC to the members of the public. We build the “perfect” PC to the library specification and take an image of the PC. We roll out that image to all PCs in the library/branch network and leave a copy of the image with the local library on usb disk.


Interleaf takes ownership of all software and hardware maintenance of all PCs and printers in the library branches. In some cases we even manage the network and the broadband connection at the library.

If a PC or hard disk has to be replaced the certified engineer will restore the “perfect” image onto the new PC/disk and the PC will be back up and running as before.

Interleaf protect all PCs with Deep Freeze Enterprise which allows us to
a) Protect the PCs
b) Centrally deploy Windows and application updates out of opening hours

So, all PCs are up to date with regard to Windows updates, Browser versions, anti-virus updates and application updates.

We can supply the standard Windows desktop or a customised desktop, see below. We can restrict categories of borrower to particular PCs, Adults to the Adult profile and Children to the Kids profile.

With the Interleaf Managed Solution the library have a one stop shop for any support issue on their Public PCs whether the problem relates to hardware, software, PC Reservation or Wi-Fi.

We can also extend the managed service to cover laptops, tablets etc. We use remote control software to connect to all of the PCs that we manage. We would agree an SLA with the I.T. Department and library and provide monthly reports of support logs and performance.


In summary the Interleaf Managed Solution offers these benefits:

  • Removes all effort and responsibility from I.T. department
  • Economically viable
  • One stop shop for all support issues

If you would like to discuss the Interleaf Managed Solution and how it could manage your Public PC network please Sales @ Interleafcontact, 01-2865855