PC Booking and Print Management, Wi-Fi

The Envisionware PC Reservation system is the world’s most popular PC Booking system. Powerful, intuitive, versatile, customizable computer management solution for Windows and Mac.

Available in a virtual environment.

PC Reservation

  • PC Bookings
  • Integrated Print Management
  • Self Service Options
  • Virtual Environment Supported
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Payment of Fines and Fees

Installed in over 10,000 libraries worldwide, PC Reservation is the booking system of choice for any size of library. Simple and intuitive for staff and users alike, with comprehensive reporting, PC Reservation will make optimum use of all available PCs in your library network.

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LPT:One – Print Management

  • Integrates with PC Reservation
  • Can run as stand alone Print Management
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Wi-Fi printing
  • Self Service Options
  • Print from any Mobile Device

Simple but sophisticated print management, integrated with PC Reservation or stand-alone.

Wi-Fi printing allows users with laptops to print to the same printers as fixed PCs with the same charges.

BarcodePlus – Photocopier Control

Payment for photocopies using Top-up account and current Library card. Seamless integration into EnvisionWare’s backend SQL accounting database allows the BarcodePlus Ethernet terminals to access patron on-line account data for full copier control and accounting from existing barcode-based library cards or Blackboard student cards.

Payment Services

Pay for your PC session, print jobs, photocopies or library fines using a variety of payment methods. Pay at library workstation, self-service kiosk or over the web. Pay for total or itemised fines. SSL encryption.

  • cash payment
  • vending device
  • deposit account
  • credit card
  • stored value card
  • smart card

From coin and bill acceptors to Smart Card solutions, EnvisionWare offers every option to allow each customer to design a payment solution to fit your exact needs.


Access all self-service options from one elegant Smartkiosk. Book a PC, Release Print Jobs, Join the Library, Pay Library Fines and Fees. Completely customisable interface. Users can pay for library services using cash or their top-up account. Full cash reconciliation reports. The interface can be fully customised to local library branding. The tocuhscreen with Windows 8 style buttons have proven very popular and intuitive for the public.

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EnvisionWare provides the best support in the industry. You don’t need to take our word for it because you can ask any of our customers thanks to our open publication of our customer list on this web site. In addition to telephone, web-based, and email support, we host a powerful knowledge base with over 2,000 articles. The KB is the same database used by our support technicians and professional services group. There is also a user-to-user list serve where you can share your ideas with thousands of other EnvisionWare users across the globe.


Interleaf Technology have installed Adtran Wi-Fi solution in over 100 library branches throughout Ireland. All of the solutions installed authenticate users in real time against the Library Management System using SIP. For ad-hoc visitors to libraries there is a guest login available that can be installed.

The Adtran Procloud provides administration of all Wi-Fi Access Points in the cloud for ease of use. With 99% uptime the Procloud comes with High-availability as standard. Most libraries that have wi-fi installed would also have PC Reservation and Print Management implemented and can allow printing from any Mobile devices to the Public printers in the library. They are charged the same pricing as standard users of the fixed PCs in the library.

There is a full set of wi-fi statistics available which can be viewed from a browser.

For more information about the range of Adtran Wi-Fi solutions please contact Sales